Home Improvers: 3 Big Ideas For A Small Backyard By The Beach

Home Improvers: 3 Big Ideas For A Small Backyard By The Beach

If you live in the South Bay, you know that a yard where you can fit everything you want comes few and far between, and besides, our real backyard is the beach. However, it is always nice to maximize the space we are given in order to have a truly usable outdoor space. 

Here are a few ideas that we have seen throughout the years that we feel not only utilize space well, but also bring value to the home. 

1. Fireplace or Fire Pit

Adding a fireplace or a fire pit in your backyard adds the right ambiance, and allows you to utilize your backyard through the colder months, or nights if you live in the South Bay. Its important to think about where to place it if you want to make it the focal point of the yard. Using a similar design as your home, as well as adding additional landscaping, lighting, and comfortable seating will create a great outdoor environment. 

2. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space

Adding this extra outdoor entertainment space can feel as though you are adding square footage to your home if designed correctly. Its important to create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor and working with nature and greenery in your yard. This adds a secondary entertainment space where people can gather and feel comfortable outside of the home. 


3. Water Features

Although we live in such close proximity to the beach, adding a water feature can bring a different element to your outdoor space. Your backyard may not be big enough to include a full size pool, but a smaller sized pool still can bring an additional design factor and an awesome utility. 

Adding these features, whether it be a fireplace, kitchen, dining space, or a small pool, can make a big difference in terms of increasing the comfortability, utility and eventually the value of your home. Contact us if you have any questions or need recommendations for local landscapers, contractors or handymen to help you with the above small backyard ideas.

*Images provided by the MLS and Pinterest.