Home Sellers: Due on Sale Retrofit Requirements

If you are a property owner interested in selling, there will be some things about your home and city you will want to get acquainted with prior to putting it on the market. While you want to deal with the aesthetics, as well, you will also want to consult with your city to see what are the requirements you need to complete in order to sell your property. These are called “Due On Sale Retrofit Requirements”. 

With understanding and completing these items, it gives buyers less room to either ask for a credit and renegotiate the price. 

Here are some examples of what certain city requirements may be: 

Smoke Detectors 

C02 Detectors 

Double Strapped Water Heaters 

Seismic Gas Valves 

Low Flow Toilets 

Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures 

These are just a few that we see common in South Bay cities. As the owner, you will want to consult with your realtor or the city to make sure you are in compliance.