South Bay Lovers: Movies Filmed In The South Bay

In honor of Hermosa Beach dedicating April 30th as “La La Land” Day, we decided to see what other notable movies have been filmed in the South Bay. The South Bay has been a top location choice for many moves, TV shows and commercials. In addition to the close proximity to Hollywood and many studios, each community and beach is second to none.

Check out other movies that were filmed in the South Bay! 

1. Entourage: The Movie. Parts of this movie were filmed in Palos Verdes, specifically at a private residence over looking the ocean. This was featured in the scene where Vince wanted to do a private screening of the movie he decided to direct. 

2. Step Brothers. We have good news and bad news. Bad news is that the Catalina Wine Mixer wasn’t actually filmed in Catalina. The good news is that it was filmed in Palos Verdes! Specifically, it was filmed at the Trump Golf Course. 

3. La La Land. Most recently, La La Land was filmed on the Hermosa Pier, and The Lighthouse Cafe. They represented Hermosa Beach so well, the mayor has declared April 30th “La La Land Day” and will be installing the same lights the line the pier, as seen in the scene with Ryan Gosling singing “City of Stars”. 

4. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End. Did anyone happen to see The Black Pearl pull into the Redondo Beach King Harbor and think, “Wow this feels like a scene straight out of Pirates Of The Caribbean?” Well, that’s because it was. The Pirates took over Redondo Beach and again for the sequel At World’s End

5. Transformers. Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and cast and crew took over the AES Power Plant in Redondo Beach to film their yellow Camaro turn into the “Bumblebee” autobot for the first time.

Its great to know that our little coastal community that so many of us consider a hidden gem gets the recognition it deserves.