Home Lovers: Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

As a home owner, seller or buyer, you may feel constrained in what you can do with a small bathroom, or not sure how you can get the most value out of the space. Check out some ideas we have seen lately that not only make the space look and feel bigger, but ultimately add value.

1.     Use subway tiles all the way up to the ceiling. The design is aesthetically pleasing and makes the shower look larger.

2.     Install a clear glass, frameless shower door. This makes the shower look like usable square footage and allows you to see wall to wall, making the space seem bigger. A clear glass door, as opposed to a shower curtain or a frosted glass door, is particularly important when there is a window in the shower. The clear glass will allow the light to shine through the bathroom.

3.     Use a floating vanity. This will free up floor space, which will visually seem like it is freeing up square footage.

4.     Open Counter Space: Don’t over clutter the already small counter space. Utilize the cabinetry in the bathroom or hall way. Open and de-cluttered counter space will make the bathroom feel more open.

5.     Built In Shelving: Utilize tight spaces to install built in shelving for linens. This will allow you to manage your vanity cabinet space better to use for other necessary bathroom products.

Check out the photos above where we have found small bathrooms utilized and designed best.